Granular Abrasive and Filtration Media Manufacturer

Simple Active Tactics

Simple Active Tactics specialises in the sourcing, manufacture and processing of unique industrial minerals, metals and granular abrasives. We are customer focused and add value through saving costs, reducing consumption and recycling. 

Our Products

Recycled Steel Abrasives: Sat-Steel®

Processed from carbon steel abrasive waste streams, magnetically separated and resized (manufacturer)

Stainless Steel Abrasives

Available as shot or grit – replaces aluminium oxide and glass bead. Suitable for blasting non ferrous and ferrous sensitive metals (Distributor)

Carbon Steel Abrasives

New carbon steel abrasives supplements our range of recycled products. (Distributor)

Glass Grit Abrasives and Filtration Media

Produced from metal free, virgin window glass Glass WhizDom® is suitable for blasting stainless and galvanised steel, graffiti removal and countless blasting and filtration applications. (manufacturer)

Swimming Pool Filtration: Crystal Sand®

enjoys sparkling results from over 20.000 happy domestic, municipal and school swimming pools – safer, more efficient, waterwise and longer lasting than silica sand. (manufacturer)


Export only – known as “Synthetic garnet”, manufactured by associated company

Aerial shot of SAT plant
Steel Product Bin
Blasting a chair
Welfit Steel

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